Mother Seton’s Centennial

Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonOne hundred years have passed away
   A century’s course has run,
Since like a tiny seedling sown
   Our Order was begun.
Then thro’ our loved United States
   Gleamed no cathedral spire;
Today above the gilded cross,
   Scarce mountain peaks rise higher.
Thro’ North and South and East and West
   This land proclaims God’s own.
And Mary, Queen Immaculate,
   Is placed on love’s high throne.
In Maryland our work began.
   When Mother Seton’s call
Straight from the Heart of Jesus came
   Her answer – “All for all”
Beneath the Blue Ridge Snowy crest
   In lovely, peaceful dale,
A gift to her, from God’s own Hand,
   She placed Saint Joseph’s Yale.
She looked o’er all this country vast,
   Mapped out its future great;
The little ones, she saw, must prove
   The strength of Church and State.
We marvel now at vision clear
   Which saw Religion’s field.
Which read, a century ago
   Its wondrous growth and yield.
We wonder more at strength of will
   And wealth of purpose high
Which sought in country ages old,
   A mode of life to try.
On plans of old, she based the new,
   America must grow
In Faith and Knowledge Heaven-sent,
   Sweet Charity must show.
And so, God’s weak and suffering poor,
   The weary and the lone.
She took unto her heart of hearts
   And made their cares her own.
Thro’ sorrow’s bitter pathway led
   Her patience faltered not.
While in her soul each virtue grew,
   As in fair garden spot.
Today her name is breathed in love
   Thro’ every clime and land,
Her followers by the thousand strong.
   Go forth a joyous band.
Saint Vincent’s “Black Cap” Daughters all
   In prayer have asked and sung
Their Mother’s name be placed on high
   The Saints of God among.
If miracles, as proof, be asked.
   Her history writ and told,
Beside the Saints of other lands
   In letters stand, pure gold.
Then let us all exultingly
   Walk in her footsteps true –
Our Golden Jubilarians,
   Have followed her, life through.
She sends them gratulations meet
   To mark this festive day
And bestows her sweetest blessing
   To attend us on life’s way.

– from Mother Seton, by Sister Mary Agnes McCann