Monasteries of Great Britain and Ireland – Marist Brothers


Active. Under Simple Vows. Founded 1816.

The Marist Brothers are a branch of the Society of Mary, founded about the year 1816 at Marseilles by the Abbé Chaminade, to undertake the management of elementary and agricultural schools in the South of France, and also to direct orphanages and deaf and dumb asylums. The Brothers came to England in 1852. In mission stations where they work near the Marist Fathers the Brothers are under their spiritual care, and subject to them in spiritual things.

They wear a habit of black cloth, a black girdle, and white collar. The novitiate lasts two years, after which simple vows are taken yearly for five years, and then for life.

Their principal work is teaching; they are school-Brothers.

In England they have schools in Spitalfields, in Islington, Leicester Square, W.C., and at Saint Bede’s, Jarrow-on-Tyne.

In America they have three schools in New York City, and three in the Diocese of Chicontimi, Canada.

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