Monasteries of Great Britain and Ireland – Christian Brothers

photograph of an unidentified Brother of the Christian Schools from the book Monasteries and Religious Houses of Great Britain and Ireland, 1903, photographer unknownArticle

Educational. Under Simple Vows. Founded 1802.

The Irish Institute of Christian Brothers was founded by Edmond Ignatius Rice in 1802. The object of the members, after their own santification, is to devote themselves entirely to the Christian education of children, after they have prepared themselves for their work by the studies prescribed by their rule. The Institute was formally approved and confirmed by Pope Pius VII in 1820, and has since received marks of favour from Pius VIII, Gregory XVI, Pius IX, and his Holiness Leo XIII.

The first novitiate is at Baldoyle, county Dublin, where postulants are prepared for their clothing, and when sufficiently advanced are moved to the training college at Marino, where the novitiate is completed. Postulants should be between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five at the time of their admission, and must possess sufficient ability for the acquirement of the knowledge required of them. The Institute is governed by a Superior-General, who resides at Marino, and is assisted in the government by four Brothers.

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