Our Lady of MercyAlso known as

  • Mercedarian Friars
  • Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the Ransom of Captives
  • Royal, Celestial and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives



Congregation especially devoted to the ransom of captives from the Moors, and following the rule drawn up by Saint Augustine. Its members are required to take a fourth vow to die for another who is in danger of losing their faith.

The development of the order was immediate and widespread throughout France, England, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. As the Moors were driven back, new convents of Mercy were established at Montpellier, Perpignan, Toulouse, and Vich in France. Columbus brought some members of the Order of Mercy with him to America, and they founded houses in Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador, and took an active part in the conversion of the Indians. Toward the end of the 18th century the Mercedarians erected houses for the training of missionaries, and in the beginning of the 19th century they undertook elementary teaching in their convents. The mother-house is in Rome, Italy.

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