Menology of England and Wales – Venerable Edward Waterson, Martyr, 1593


The Venerable Edward Waterson, a native of the diocese of London, was brought up in heresy, but in his youth gave proof of his fidelity to the light he had by refusing, while travelling in the East, the tempting offers of a wealthy Turk, who would have adopted him had he consented to renounce the name of Christ. His constancy was rewarded by the grace of conversion to the Catholic Faith. He at once devoted himself to the service of God by entering the English College at Rheims. As a student Waterson gave a bright example of humility and patience, and especially of zeal for the salvation of souls, and being ordained priest, was sent on the Mission in the year 1592. He had not been long in England when he was arrested, tried, and condemned on the charge of being ordained by the authority of the See of Rome and coming to labour in this country. He suffered with great joy, considering his cruel death as a crown rather than a punishment. Eyewitnesses attested that his execution was attended with several miraculous circumstances. The name of Edward Waterson is among the many Martyrs submitted to the Holy See for the honours of Beatification, and the introduction of his cause was admitted by His Holiness Pope Leo XIII.

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