Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors – Venerable William Lloyd, Priest, 1679


Born in Carmarthenshire, he became a convert, was ordained at Lisbon, and returned to the English Mission. In spite of continuous illness, he toiled for souls till his arrest for the Oates Plot, for which he was condemned, but died in prison at Brecknock six days before the date appointed for his execution in 1679. He left a speech for his execution, of which a portion is here summarized: “The faith in which I leave this world is that in which the Apostles lived and died after having received the Holy Ghost, and I do renounce all errors against that faith. Without faith no one can please God, and without pleasing God no one can be saved, and seeing there is no faith save that which Christ taught to His Apostles, it behooves every man to find out that faith and to live and die in it, though they lose the world thereby, for it means being saved or dammed for ever. Now that Apostolic faith must be the oldest, for it was planted by our Saviour Himself, which He promised should last for ever, and against which the gates of Hell should never prevail. For this reason I made choice of the Holy Catholic Apostolic faith and Roman religion to live and die in.”

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