Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors – Venerable Robert Daly, Priest, 1589

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Born in the county of Durham and brought up a Protestant, he was a minister of the Established religion when a Catholic chanced to admonish him on the danger of his state. Reflecting on this and on his past life he fell into such despair that he tried to kill himself with a knife. The stroke, however, was not mortal, and as he fell a boy who was by called for help and brought the neighbours to his assistance. During his process of recovery he was brought by a priest to a repentant state of mind and was reconciled. He now went to Rheims, was ordained priest, and, returning to England, was arrested at Scarborough, where he landed in 1589. At his trial he answered the judges with much boldness, and openly confessed himself a priest, and the judges declared that they found him guilty on his own admission. He was led to execution with John Amias, also a secular priest, and both went with much joy, and, having kissed and blessed the hurdle, they lay down on it and would not suffer themselves to be bound. This cheerful courage they maintained to the end. Thus Father Dalby washed out with his own blood the stains of his former life. They suffered at Gloucester, 16 March 1589.

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