Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors – Father Peto’s Prophecy


In May 1533, preaching before Henry VIII at Greenwich, on the history of Achab, Peto tried to persuade him to separate from Anne Boleyn, and applied to the king the prophet’s threat. “I am that Micheas,” he said, “whom thou wilt hate, because I must tell thee truly that this marriage is unlawful. I know that I shall eat the bread of affliction and drink the water of sorrow, yet because our Lord hath put it into my mouth I must speak it. There are many other preachers who will persuade you otherwise, feeding thy folly and frail affections upon hope of their own worldly promotion, and by that means betraying thy soul, thy honour, and thy posterity to obtain fat benefices, become rich abbots and get ecclesiastical dignities. These, I say, are the four hundred prophets who in the spirit of lying seek to deceive thee. But take good heed lest being seduced thou hast found Achah’s punishment, and have thy blood licked up by the dogs.” From Henry’s dead body, though embalmed, there issued, owing to a fall in the coffin, a quantity of blood and corrupt matter, which was licked up by a great black dog, which the guards tried in vain to kill.

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