Mementoes of the English Martyrs and Confessors – Blessed Thomas Sherwood, Layman, 1578

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His parents both suffered much for the faith. His mother was a sister of Mr. Francis Tregian, in whose house Blessed Cuthbert Mayne was taken. Their son Thomas, one of fourteen children, followed his father’s trade of draper, intending however to cross to Douay and become a priest. One day when walking in the streets of London he was seized on the cry of “Stop the traitor!” raised by a youth Martin Tregony, a virulent papist-hunter. His mother, Lady Tregony, was a pious Catholic, and Sherwood frequently visited her, and Martin suspected him of assisting in having Mass said in her house. At his condemnation Sherwood declared that the Pope and not the Queen was the head of the Church in England, and was then most cruelly racked to discover where he had heard Mass. He could not be induced, however, to betray or bring any man into danger. After this he was cast into a filthy, dark dungeon, swarming with loathsome and ferocious rats, and only left it twice during three months to be again tortured on the rack. He had lost the use of his limbs, was starving, and searched with pain, but no compromising words passed his lips. He was executed at Tyburn, 7 February 1578, aged twenty-seven.

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