A Benedictine Congregation in France, an offshoot of the reformed Congregation of Saint-Vannes. It became independent in 1618 as the Congregation of Saint Maur, with the approval of King Louis XIII, Cardinal de Retz and Cardinal Richelieu; sanctioned by Pope Gregory XV in 1621 and Pope Urban VIII in 1627. Before 1800 there were over 180 monasteries, the congregation being divided into six provinces: France, Normandy, Brittany, Burgundy, Chezal-Benoit, and Gascony. They conducted schools, and many scholars, such as Luc d’ Achery, Jean Mabillon, Thierry, Ruinart, Pierre Coustant, Antoine Rivet de la Grange, etc., were attracted to its ranks and produced great works. The Maurists were suppressed by the French Revolution; an attempt to restore them in 1817 was disapproved by the Holy See, and the congregation ceased to exist.

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