Martyrs of Tomi

Also known as

  • Martyrs of Mesia
  • Martyrs of Oxyrynchus
  • Martyrs of Tomis



A group of 17 Christians imprisoned and excuted for their faith during the persecutions of Diocletian. They miraculously were unburned by fire and untouched by wild animals. We know the names and a few details on five of them


  • tied to stakes and burned alive; they emerged unharmed
  • thrown to wild animals in the amphitheatre; the animals ignored them
  • beheaded in 304 in Tomi, Mesia (modern Costanza, Romania)


Additional Information


Are you not ashamed to honor a man put to death and buried hundreds of years ago by order of Pontius Pilate?. – the governor of Tomi to the martyrs; they ignored him

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