Luxeuil Abbey


One of the oldest and best-known monasteries in Burgundy, located in Haute-Saône in Franche-Comté, France. It was founded c.585590 by Saint Columbanus and his fellow missionaries. The group first settled in cells at Annegray, Voivre, Haute-Saône, but seeking a more permanent site for his community, Columbanus decided upon the ruins of a well-fortified Gallo-Roman settlement, Luxovium, about eight miles away. The town had been ravaged by Attila in 451, and was buried in the dense overgrown woodland that had filled the abandoned site over more than a century, but still had the advantage of the thermal baths down in the valley, which still give the town its name of Luxeuil-les-Bains.

There were stone images in the nearby woods, and pagans who worshipped them. With a grant from an officer of the palace at Childebert’s court, an abbey church was built in one of the heathen sites. The abbey was dedicated to Saint Peter the Apostle, and soon became the most important and flourishing monastery in Gaul. Most of the earliest rule at Luxeuil derived from Celtic monastic traditions, whether or not written down by Columbanus, supplemented increasingly by the more formalized Benedictine Rule that was followed throughout the West.

Profiled Monks of Luxeuil

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