[Emperor Valerius Licinianus Licinius]
Also known as

  • Emperor Valerius Licinianus Licinius


Roman emperor from 308 to 324. His family were Dacian peasants. Childhood friend of Galerius, who would become Roman emperor. Fought in the Persian expedition in 297. On 11 November 308 Galerius elevated Licinius to the rank of Augustus in the West. Governor of the provinces of Illyricum, Thrace and Pannonia. On the death of Galerius in May 311, Licinius shared the eastern empire with Maximinus Daia. In March 313 he married Flavia Julia Constantia, half-sister of Constantine the Great. With Constantine, he signed the Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious toleration throughout the empire, and in theory ended persecution of Christians. On 30 April 313 Licinius defeated Maximinus at the Battle of Tzirallum. Licinius established himself master of the East while Constantine was supreme in the West. Civil war erupted between Licinius and Constantine, and Licinius, ignoring the terms of the Edict, resumed the official persecution of Christians. Constantine defeated Licinius at the Battle of Cibalae in Pannonia on 8 October 314. Defeated by Constantine again in 316 when Licinius named Valerius Valens as co-emperor. The emperors reconciled, and Licinius had his co-emperor Valens killed. Licinius’ fleet was defeated by Constantine‘s fleet in 323. In 324 Constantine, tempted by the “advanced age and unpopular vices” of his colleague, again declared war against him, and having defeated his army at the Battle of Adrianople on 3 July 324, laid siege to him at Byzantium; Licinius surrended on 18 September 324 and was imprisoned in Thessalonica. Constantine later had him killed, accusing him of conspiring to raise troops among the barbarians.


  • c.250 in Moesia Superior


  • murdered in 325 at Thessalonica

Saints martyred by Licinius

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