Liber Pontificalis – Anencletus

illustration of Pope Saint Anacletus from The Lives and Times of the Popes by Chevalier Artaud de Montor, 1911Article

Aneclitus, by nationality a Greek from Athens, son of Anthiocus, occupied the see 12 years, 10 months and 7 days.

He was bishop in the time of Domitian from the 10th consulship of Domitian when Savinus was his colleague (a.d. 84) until the year when Domitian was consul for the 17th time and Clement was consul with him (a.d. 95).

He built and adorned the sepulchral monument of the blessed Peter, forasmuch as he had been made priest by the blessed Peter, and other places of sepulchre for the burial of bishops. There he himself likewise was buried near the body of the blessed Peter, July 13.

He held 2 ordinations in the month of December, 5 priests, 3 deacons, 6 bishops in divers places.

And the bishopric was empty 13 days.

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