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The Church reckons amongst the number of its Saints the father and the mother, as well as the sister and the brother, of this Saint. In the funeral oration which he delivered on the occasion of his sister Gorgiona’s death he relates the following miracle concerning the Holy Eucharist. His sister suffered from a palsy which the physicians were unable to cure; and when she found that all natural means failed her she determined to have recourse to the Physician of mankind. One night, feeling a little alleviation of pain, she arose from her bed, and casting herself before the Blessed Sacrament, which was reserved upon an altar in her house, she called upon Him who was there present; and following the example of the woman in the Gospel, who through the “touch of the hem of Christ’s garment was made whole, she then approached the altar, rested her head upon it, and cried that she would not leave it until she should be healed. Then, anointing her body with the ointment which she possessed, she wetted with her tears the particle of the Most Holy Sacrament which she had reserved, and, O miracle of goodness, she felt herself healed, and her heart relieved through the reward of her faith!

Saint Gregory died in the year 389.

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