Legends of the Blessed Sacrament – Saint Eudoxia, Martyr


A.D. 147. The governor of Heliopolis, Diogenes by name, being desirous to take to himself to wife a Christian girl called Gelasia, she, in order to escape from his pursuit, took refuge in the convent of which Eudoxia was the superior. Diogenes on hearing of this sent fifty soldiers to enter the convent, and to bring Eudoxia into his presence. Now when the soldiers entered the convent by night, and inquired for Eudoxia, she presented herself before them fearlessly, but not before having entered the church and taken out of the sacred vessel from the altar a consecrated particle, which she secreted in her dress, and then delivered herself up as their prisoner. It was pitch dark, but behold there appeared to Eudoxia a youth clothed in white bearing a torch, who gave her light on the way, while all was dark to her captors.

At Heliopolis, before the judgment-seat of the governor, she made a good confession; and seeing no torment could induce her to deny her holy faith, and burn incense to the gods, the enraged governor commanded her to be hanged on a high gallows.

Now before the magistrates could put this command into execution they untied the girdle of the blessed Martyr, when behold from her bosom there fell to the ground the most holy particle of the Blessed Sacrament which she had taken from the altar. The magistrates, not knowing what it might be, picked it up and carried it to the governor. Hardly, however, had he stretched his wicked hand to take it, when lo! the Host changed into a flame of fire, which laid hold on the magistrate and also the left shoulder of the governor. He, crying out with pain, called upon his gods for help against the enchantress Eudoxia, but whilst he did so the flame scorched his entire body, and he fell down a burning mass. Upon seeing this miracle one of the soldiers and the whole family of Diogenes became converted to the feith. But Eudoxia’s martyrdom was only deferred, for in the year 147 she was beheaded by order of Vincentius, who succeeded Diogenes, and who was equally with him an implacable foe of the Christians.

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