Legends of the Blessed Sacrament – Saint Cornelius and Serapion


(A.D. 264) At the time when Saint Cyprian suffered martyrdom, Saint Cornelius occupied the Chair of Saint Peter. The Church needed a man whose strong hand was capable of guiding her through the storms which broke upon her on all sides, and such a one was Cornelius. War and pestilence afflicted the people over and above the fearful persecution which was carried on under the Emperor Valerian; but that which caused him the greatest amount of anxiety were the difficulties which the godless heathen occasioned in the Church through their wickedness and hard-heartedness. During this persecution forty-six priests were dragged before the judgment-seat. Whilst they lay in fetters the faithful sought by every means to visit them in their prison, in order that they might offer the Holy Sacrifice and receive at their hands the most Blessed Eucharist. They had no altar. For want of a table the priests consecrated the sacred elements upon the hands of the deacon.

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