League of the Cross

Also known as

  • Catholic Total Abstinence League of the Cross



Organization founded for the purpose of uniting Catholics in a holy warfare against intemperance, and of thereby raising the religious, social, and domestic state of our Catholic people. “Total abstinence from intoxicating drinks is for all persons the surest safeguard, and for vast numbers the only safeguard, from intemperance. Those, therefore, who abstain from intoxicating drinks for the sake of Christian prudence towards themselves, or of Christian charity towards others, by so doing please Almighty God,” The fundamental rules of the League are:

1. The pledge is of total abstinence, and is taken without limit as to time.

2. Only Catholics can become members of the League.

3. All members, after they have joined the League, must live as good, practical Catholics.

4. No one who is not a practical Catholic can, as long as he fails to practice his religion, hold any office in the League.

The form of the pledge is: “I promise to you, Reverend Father, and to the League of the Holy Cross, by the help of God’s grace, to abstain from all intoxicating drinks.” To this is usually added: “And I also promise to be faithful in the practices of my holy religion.” The pledge is not an oath or a vow, and is not of itself binding under sin. But it would be a sin for those to break the pledge who know that they would thereby expose themselves to the danger of intemperance. Many indulgences have been granted to members by the Holy See.

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