King Louis the Pious

[King Louis the Pious]
Also known as

  • Louis le Pieux
  • Louis le Débonnaire
  • Louis the Fair
  • Louis the Debonair


Second son of Charlemagne. King of Aquitaine when just a child. Married to Ermengarde; father of Lothar, Pippin of Aquitaine, and Louis the German. Co-emperor with Charlemagne in 813. King of the Franks from 814 to 840. Crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Stephen IV in 816 at Reims, France. Helped reform the Frankish church, and insured adherence to the Benedictine Rule at all religious houses in the kingdom. Married to Judith of Bavaria; father of Charles the Bald. Louis divided his kingdom between his sons who went to war against each other; the resulting division of the kingdom laid the foundations for modern France and Germany.


  • 778 at Casseuil-sur-Garonne, Gironde, modern France