• Hebrew: healer


  • Son of Eleazer, sent by Judas Machabeus to Rome to make a treaty with the Romans (1 Machabees 8). He had a son Antipater (1 Machabees 12).
  • Jason of Cyrene, author of the history of the Jews, persecuted under Antiochus Epiphanes and Eupator. He also wrote the exploits of Judas Machabeus in five books, from which the author of 2 Machabees has taken his recital (2 Machabees 2).
  • Brother of the high-priest Onias III and son of Simon II. He had insatiable ambition. He bought the High-priesthood for a great sum of silver (2 Machabees 4). Forgetting completely his calling, he sought to introduce Greek customs among the Jews. Three years later Jason was forced to flee, and took refuge with the Ammonites. During the second expedition of Antiochus into Egypt, hearing a rumor that the king had died, Jason at the head of the Ammonites besieged Jerusalem, and slew his countrymen without mercy (2 Machabees 5). He was pursued from city to city, an object of contempt and hatred, and he ended his miserable life at Sparta, unlamented and unburied.

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