The actual visible establishment in the possession of an ecclesiastical dignity or benefice.

Installation, in the case of a bishop, is called enthronization; it is the solemn entry into possession of his cathedral and episcopal residence on the part of the newly consecrated bishop, who wears all his pontifical insignia on the occasion. When the bishop is consecrated in his own church, the enthronization becomes identified with the consecration; but when the latter rite has been performed in another diocese, then, “according to the ancient tradition, the bishop, dresses in the garb of a pilgrim, with his crozier in his hand, and the pastoral hat on his head, is received on arriving at the boundary of his diocese by the chapter and clergy of the cathedral city and district; by them he is escorted to some neighboring church, where, after a short prayer, he is presented with the episcopal ornaments and insignia, and then conducted in solemn procession to the sound of bells into his cathedral, where he is welcomed with the anthem Ecce Sacerdos Magnus and the Te Deum, while he takes his seat on his throne, from the raised dais of which he imparts to the assembled throng his episcopal benediction. After this he is escorted to his palace, the cross being borne before him.”

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