Hymn to Saint Vincent de Paul

Years have passed, O dearest Father,
   Till a century’s course is run,
Since your work in our loved country
   Was in faith and zeal begun.

Dear Saint Vincent, holy Father,
   Pleadingly our voice we raise,
May our Mother’s name be hallowed,
   Let God’s Church proclaim her praise.

Mother Seton, our loved Foundress,
   Following Christ’s footsteps, too,
Served the poor, the weak, the erring,
   Treasured all your instincts true.

Holiness of life she taught us,
   Worldliness she cast aside,
For the meek and lowly Jesus
   And His little ones she died.

In our year of jubilation,
   This one gift your daughters crave,
That her name upon God’s Altar
   With your own we may engrave.

– from Mother Seton, by Sister Mary Agnes McCann