Hymn to Saint Anne

Dear Saint Anne, our Lady’s Mother,
  Stem of Jesse’s Mystic Rod,
From that stem there sprang a Flower,
  From that Flower, our Saviour God.
Light of light, O Mother blessed,
  Shone upon thy Daughter’s bower,
When her Son, the King of Glory,
  Dwelt among us, Heaven’s Dower.

Mother of the Spotless Lily,
  From God’s Paradise above,
Look upon us exiled children,
  Take us ‘neath they shelt-ring love.
Dear Saint Anne, do thou obtain us
  Fruits from Judah’s Peerless Tree,
Fruits of Justice and of Mercy,
  Faith and Hope and Charity.

Helper of the sad and suffering,
  Patron of the Pilgrim’s way,
Light of blind, and strength to failing,
  Guide for those who go astray.
Dear Saint Anne, bless and receive us,
  Bring us to that glorious sight
Of the Tree that healeth nations
  In the Country of Delight.

– Miss A Pritchard, Caversham