Hymn to Christ the Saviour, by Saint Clement of Alexandria

illustration of Saint Clement of Alexandria from 'Les vrais pourtraits et vies des hommes illustres grecz, latins et payens' (1584) by André Thevet; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsCurb for stubborn steed,
  Making its will give heed;
Wing that directest right
  The wild bird’s wandering flight;
Helm for the ships that keep
  Their pathway o’er the deep;
Shepherd of sheep that own
  Their Master on the throne,
Stir up Thy children meek
  With guileless lips to speak
In hymn and song Thy praise,
  Guide of their infant ways.
O King of saints, O Lord,
  Mighty, all-conquering Word;
Son of the Highest God
  Wielding His wisdom’s rod;
Our stay when cares annoy,
  Giver of endless joy;
Of all our mortal race
  Saviour, of boundless grace,
    O Jesus, hear!
Shepherd and Sower, Thou,
  Now helm, and bridle now,
Wing for the heavenward flight
  Of flocks all pure and bright,
Fisher of men, the blest,
  Out of the world’s unrest,
Out of Sin’s troubled sea
  Taking us, Lord to Thee;
Out of the waves of strife
  With bait of blissful life,
With choicest fish, good store,
  Drawing Thy nets to shore.
Lead us, O Shepherd true,
  Thy mystic sheep, we sue,
Lead us, O holy Lord,
  Whom from Thy sons dost ward
With all-prevailing charm,
  Peril, curse and harm;
O path where Christ has trod,
  O way that leads to God,
O Word abiding aye,
  O endless Light on high,
Mercy’s fresh-springing flood,
  Worker of all things good,
O glorious Life of all
  That on their Maker call.
    Christ Jesus, hear!
O Milk of Heaven, that prest
  From full o’erflowing breast
Of her, the mystic bride,
  Thy wisdom hath supplied;
Thine infant children seek
  With baby lips all weak,
Filled with the Spirit’s dew
  From that dear bosom true,
Thy praises pure to sing
  Hymns meet for Thee Our King,
    For Thee, the Christ;
Our holy tribute, this,
  For wisdom, life and bliss,
Singing in chorus meet,
  Singing in concert sweet
    The Almighty Son.
We, heirs of peace unpriced,
  We, who are born in Christ,
A people pure from stain,
  Praise we our God again,
    Lord of our Peace!

– translated from the Greek by E. H. Plumtre