Hugh the Little

Also known as

  • Hugh Little
  • Hugh of Lincoln



Son of a widow named Beatrice. Alleged to have been kidnapped, tortured, and killed by Jews at age nine. The Chaucer version (The Prioress‘s Tale) has him lured into the home of a man named Koppin, imprisoned, scourged, crowned with thorns, and crucified in mockery of Jesus, then the body thrown into a well to hide the corpse and poison the water. The death led to Koppin and 18 Jews being hanged. Other Jews were arrested for being part of an imaginary plot to replay this incident as some type of religious ritual, but a group of Franciscans intervened and obtained their release. More a matter of anti-Semitism than sanctity, this incident was condemned by the Vatican centuries ago, and the feast is no longer kept.





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