Holweck’s American Martyrology – Father Angel Miranda and Companions, Martyrs


31 January. In the country of the Apalaches, about Talahassee, Florida, the memory of Father Angel Miranda, O.F.M., the lieutenant Juan Ruiz Mejia, the Indians Antonio Enija, Amador Cuipa Feliciano and companions, Martyrs. When Governor Moore of South Carolina attacked the Spanish missions in the Apalache country, after the battle of Ayubale (January 25, 1704), Father Miranda and Lieutenant Mejia with many Indian converts fell into the hands of Moore and his Indian allies. Since the Spanish officer could not furnish the ransom demanded, Father Miranda, Mejia, some soldiers and a number of Christian Indians from the town of Saint Luis, were burnt at the stake, at the end of January, 1704. Some of the Indians, while undergoing the torture, showed in prayer and exhortation the heroism of Christian martyrs. SHEA, Vol. i, p. 461.

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