General of the army of Nabuchodonosor, King of Assyria (Judith 2). Nabuchodonosor, who reigned at Ninive, had sent Holofernes at the head of a considerable force to bring all the earth under his empire. Only the Jews resisted (5). Holofernes besieged Bethulia, a city of the Jews. Soon they decided to surrender. God raised up a pious widow, named Judith, of extraordinary virtue and courage (8), who reanimated the confidence of her compatriots. Gaining the good graces of Holofernes, Judith, at a certain great feast, captivated the general. Having drunk to excess, Holofernes fell into a deep sleep, and Judith, praying for strength, cut off his head, which she carried back to her people (13). The heroine celebrated the victory of the Jews by a canticle (16) and all the people thanked God.

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