History of the Old Testament, Part 08 – The Sons of Noe


1. Noe had three sons – Sem, Cham, and Japhet. Together with them he tilled the ground and planted the vine. When the vintage came, not knowing the strength of wine, he drank too freely, and, becoming drunk, lay in his tent. Cham, finding him in this condition, laughed, and, going, told his brothers what he had seen.

2. But they, filled with reverence, and moved with filial love, took a cloak, and, putting it upon their shoulders, turned away their eyes, and, going backward, covered their father. When Noe awoke, and learned what had taken place, he cursed Cham, in his descendants, but blessed Sem and Japhet.

The Tower of BabelThe Tower of Babel

3. Soon the descendants of Noe began so to multiply that they could no longer dwell together in the same place. In their pride, before separating, they resolved to build a city and a tower that would reach to heaven. But God easily confounded them in their foolish project. On a sudden their language was confused, and they could not understand one another. Before this there had been but one language; but now there were many. The city and the tower were abandoned, and the people dispersed.

4. The posterity of Sem was spread over the greater part of Asia. From him are descended the Israelites, the chosen people of God. The descendants of Cham went to Africa, while the children of Japhet passed over to Europe.

5. The pride of Babel led to the confusion of languages; while, on Pentecost, the humility of the apostles led to their union.

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