History of the Old Testament, Part 06 – The Deluge

The DelugeArticle

1. The descendants of Adam were divided into two classes – the good and the bad. To console Adam for the death of Abel, God gave him the pious Seth. Seth’s posterity were known as the children of God, while the descendants of Cain were very wicked.

2. By degrees mankind became corrupt, Noe alone remaining just. God bade Noe build an Ark, for in a hundred years He would destroy by a deluge every living creature on the face of the earth. The following are the dimensions and construction of the Ark: its length, three hundred cubits; its breadth, fifty; and its height, thirty cubits. In the upper part was a window, and in the side a door.

3. For a hundred years Noe labored on the construction of the Ark. During this time he preached penance to the wicked, and warned them of the evils that were to come; but they heeded him not. Then God commanded him to go into the Ark and to take with him his wife, and his three sons and their wives; moreover to take with him of every animal two of a sort, and food sufficient.

4. After seven days the deluge came. The fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the flood-gates of heaven were opened, but the Ark floated peacefully upon the waters. Overwhelmed with despair, men began to climb the trees, and in vain to ascend the hills. The waters continued to increase, until they had risen fifteen cubits above the tops of the highest mountains.

5. Thus perished every living thing that then moved upon the earth: from man to the beasts of the earth; from the birds in the air to the reptiles on the ground. Noe and all that were in the Ark alone remained.

Noe is a figure of Jesus Christ, as the Ark is a figure of the Catholic Church.

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