photograph of a bust of Haggai by Giovanni Pisano, 1285-95, Duomo, Siena, ItalyAlso known as

  • Aggeus


Tenth among the minor prophets of the Old Testament, came forward, 520 B.C. in the name of the Lord, to rebuke the apathy of the Jews in building the second Temple. The Book of Aggeus is made up of four prophetic utterances: It urges the Jews to resume the work of rearing the Temple; foretells that the new house which then appears so poor in comparison with the former Temple of Solomon will one day be incomparably more glorious; declares that as long as God’s House is not rebuilt the life of the Jews will be tainted and blasted; tells of the Divine favor which, in the approaching overthrow of the heathen nations, will be bestowed on Zorobabel, the representative of the royal house of David.

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