Gunpowder Plot

illustration of the conspirators of the Gunpowder PlotArticle

A conspiracy in English history, formed by Catesby, Percy, Digby, Winter, Guy Fawkes, and others, to blow up the Parliament Houses in London in 1604. It was discovered by the arrest of Guy Fawkes in 1605, and the conspirators were put to death.

An attempt was made to incriminate the Church by arresting the Jesuit priests Greenway and Thomas Garnet, to whom the conspirators had made their last confession; but the priests kept the seal of confession. Garnet was executed, 1606. The effect of the plot was the passage of new drastic measures of persecution against the Catholics. Guy Fawkes Night on 5 November is a commemoration of the foiling of the plot, with anti-Catholic rhetoric, demonstrations and violence a standard part for many years.

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