Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin, by Father Médaille

Presentation of the Virgin MaryMary devotes and consecrates herself to her God as soon as she is capable of doing so; this she does, too, most promptly. We have not as yet given ourselves to God as we ought; we are continually putting off giving what He has a right to expect from us. Let us assure Him that though we have been long in giving ourselves entirely to Him, our mind and our heart are now quite taken up with Him. “Too late have I known Thee, too late have I loved Thee, O infinite Goodness!” (Saint Augustine of Hippo)

Mary gives herself without reserve; her consecration was not partial; everything in her was God’s. Is it not an insult to God to offer him a heart divided between Himself and His creatures? Is it not an injury we do ourselves, since all that is not done for God is lost?

Mary gives herself for ever; and never did anything contrary to this consecration of herself. Let us blush for our inconstancy and oft repeated acts of unfaithfulness, and promise God that from this day forth we mean to yield ourselves irrevocably to Him.

On the Life the Blessed Virgin Led in the Temple

In the holy dwelling-place. The Blessed Virgin in the temple looked on herself as living in a holy sanctuary, vowed to God and His holy service. She knew that in this hallowed dwelling place her sole duty was to become a Saint herself, by serving the God of the Temple. The religious life we are called to lead has every advantage: it is a holy life, and wholly consecrated to God; we ought to think only of sanctifying ourselves in it and through it.

In His sight. Mary lived always in the presence of God, united constantly to Him by thought, affection, and occupation. Our life should be of like character, if we would have our withdrawal from the world to be of service to us. “The solitude of the body cannot benefit us, if the solitude of the mind be wanting.”

Have I ministered, She was occupied in the worship of God, for the well-being of the house, and the service of her companions. We ought to have the same feelings of love for our occupations, and the performance of our duties. Let us imitate the intentions, fervour, and perseverance of the Blessed Virgin.