Feast of the Epiphany

detail of 'Epiphany', by Fernando Gallego, c.1480, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OhioAlso known as

  • Theophany
  • Twelfth Day



  • Greek: epi, upon; phaino, show


Feast commemorating the manifestation of the glory of Christ to the Gentiles in the person of the Magi, as well as His Baptism and first miracle at Cana. Originating in the Eastern Church in the 3rd century, it soon spread to the West, where it is now commemorated especially for the apparition to the Magi. In England and many European countries it is popularly known as Twelfth Night (after Christmas) and is the occasion for the revival of numerous quaint customs. The feast is a holy day of obligation in England, Scotland, and Ireland. The office of the day is one of special beauty.


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