Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, by Father Médaille

photograph of a Saint Thomas Aquinas roundel, Convento de Las Duenas, Salamanca, Spain; swiped with permission from the flickr account of Father Lawrence Lew, OPSaint Thomas left the world, and all his family expectations, in order to follow Christ in poverty, and to merit the rewards Jesus has promised to those who follow Him. Let us revive our faith and our hope in these promises, and deepen in our mind the contempt we have conceived of the world.

Saint Thomas was great as a Religious, To the observance of his vows and of his rule, he united devotion to the Blessed Virgin, to the Passion of Our Lord, and to the Blessed Sacrament. We can, and should imitate him in his regularity and his devotion.

Saint Thomas was great as a Doctor of the Church, but it was not this that made him a Saint. He sanctified himself by the godly use he made of his knowledge, and by conforming his life to what he knew he ought to do. We shall be learned enough if we use our lights to glorify God, and perform what we know God requires from us.