Feast of Saint Joseph, by Father Médaille

Saint JosephSaint Joseph was the happiest of men, by reason of the choice God made of him to be the reputed father of Our Saviour, and the husband of the Blessed Virgin, so as to make use of him in the most important of all affairs, namely, the redemption of the world. Let us congratulate this Saint on his high dignity, and on the graces and blessings God bestowed on him to enable him to act up to it.

Saint Joseph was the happiest of men in life. His familiar dealings with Jesus and Mary, their example, the graces and means of salvation he was every moment receiving, were to him the source of eminent holiness. Let us recall to mind this intercourse and this example, that we may profit by them.

Saint Joseph was the happiest of men in death. He died attended, comforted, and encouraged by the Blessed Virgin his Spouse, and passed away in the arms of Our Saviour, through Whom he hoped for the happiness which Jesus was able to give him. Let us be devout to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, during life; they will make happy our death. Let us beg the Saint to obtain for us this favour, the most momentous of all. Let us lay before him that Jesus, Who obeyed him on earth, will refuse him nothing in heaven.