Father William Stanihurst


At Brussels, in Belgium, in the year 1663, Father William Stanihurst, a Belgian. He was a man of virginal innocence of life and purity of mind. It is said that in his youth an attempt was made upon his chastity similar to that of Saint Thomas of Aquin, and by his victory he obtained a similar reward, freedom from temptations of the flesh. His countenance breathed such an air of purity, telling of the brightness of his soul within, that the very heretics themselves held him in veneration. Amongst them was a countess very bigoted in her sect, who at the first sight of Father William was so changed, that she exclaimed, “Certainly if there is a Saint in the world this man is one.” She then received from him instruction in the Catholic Faith with good will, and without difficulty surrendered to the truths he taught, for nothing so clearly and powerfully recommends them as a holy life.

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