Father Özséb of Esztergom

Father Özséb of EsztergomAlso known as

  • Euzebiusz
  • Eusebius


Born to the wealthy Hungarian nobility. Priest in the diocese of Esztergom, Hungary. Canon of the cathedral chapter of Strigonio (modern Estergom, Hungary. In 1246, Father Özséb retired to live as a prayerful hermit in the mountains of Pilis. His reputation for holiness and wisdom spread, and he attracted several would-be spiritual students. In 1250 he built a monastery and church for these people, and founded the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit (Hermits of the Holy Cross) to give them a rule for their lives. Though there has been some popular devotion over the years, his Cause for Canonization formally opened in 1989.



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