Father John B Young


One of the greatest American authorities on church music. Educated at the college of Haguenau and the Jesuit College at Amiens, France, he entered the Society of Jesus in 1872; was ordained in 1879; professor and musical director (18751881) at Saint Francis Xavier’s College, New York; choirmaster (18811900) and musical moderator (19001922) at Saint Francis Xavier’s Church, New York, where he founded the famous boy choir. He was a member of the Music Commission of the Arch- diocese of New York, and honorary associate of the American Guild of Organists. Father Young was ap- pointed to the Papal Commission for the revision of ritual music in the Church, and compiled the Roman Hymnal (New York, 1884), a standard work for Catholic devotions and ritual. He developed the system of voice-training used in the Justine Ward method of teaching Gregorian chant. By his high ideals he raised the standard of church music throughout the United States.



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