Father Claude-Jean Allouez

Also known as

  • Apostle of the Ottawas


Missionary, and explorer. Entered the Society of Jesus at Toulouse, France in 1639. Ordained in 1655. Sent as a missionary to Quebec, Canada in 1658. Studied the languages of the Wyandot and Anishinaabe, and worked as a missionary along the Saint Lawrence River. In 1660 he became superior of the Three Rivers Mission. In 1663 he was named vicar-general “of all the countries situated toward the north and west.” He founded the Mission of the Holy Ghost near Nash, Wisconsin, and other missions, including Saint Francis Xavier at De Pere, Wisconsin, where a monument was erected to his memory by the State Historical Society on 6 September 1899. He was one of the first to visit Lake Michigan, naming it “Lake Saint Joseph.” Much of his writings from the period have survived, providing insight into the missionary work of the day.



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