Father Augustin Barruel

[Father Augustin Barruel]

French Jesuit priest; political and religious writer. Taught at the Jesuit college in Toulouse, France. When the Jesuits were suppressed in 1764, he left to travel around Europe. He returned to Toulouse in 1774 and worked as associate editor of the Année littéraire, writing against the evils of the society of his day. Editor of the Journal ecclésiastique in 1788. He fled the anti-religious excesses of the French Revolution to live in England, returning to France in 1800. Virulent opponent of Freemasons and secret societies whom he believed were behind the Revolution.




  • Les Helviennes ou lettres provinciales philosophiques (5 volumes, Amsterdam, 1784 to 1788)
  • Histoire du clergé pendant la Révolution française (2 volumes, 1793)
  • Mémoires pour servir a l’histoire du Jacobinisme (5 volumes, Amsterdam, 1796 to 1799)
  • L’évangile et le clergé français (1800)
  • Du pape et de ses droits religieux (2 volumes, Paris, 1803)