Epistle to the Romans


Paul wrote this Epistle at Corinth, c.58, before leaving for Jerusalem with the collections he had made for the relief of Christians there. He wished to prepare the way for a visit to the members of the Church in Rome, whom he longed to meet, because they were for the most part Gentiles and he was the Apostle of the Gentiles. Besides, he appreciated the mission of Rome as a center for the propagation of the faith everywhere. In the Epistle he dwells on the justification of mankind through faith in Christ, the sinfulness of the world, the meaning and fruits of justification, why Israel failed to come unto the law of justice, what faith is, and why it is essential, and its fruits, viz:, humility, obedience, unity, and charity. Chapters 12-16 are the most fervent and impressive. It is read in the Divine Office immediately after the Epiphany.

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