Empress Zita de Bourbon-Parma

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Born a princess in the house of Bourbon, the daughter of Duke Robert I of Parma and Maria-Antonia de Braganza; her grandfather, Michael I, was the last king of Portugal, and three of her sisters would become Benedictine nuns. Married to Blessed Charles of Austria on 21 October 1911. Mother of five boys and three girls. Empress of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on 21 November 1916. At the end of World War I, she went with Charles into exile as the Empire was broken up, and worked to raise funds for the war-ravaged people of the old empire. She joined the Oblates of Saint-Pierre in 1926. Zita lived in France, Spain, Portugal, the United States, Canada, Luxembourg, Switzerland before finally returning to Vienna, Austria on 13 November 1982. While in Switzerland, she stayed with her Benedictine sisters, and became known for her faith and spiritual wisdom. Her Cause for Canonization for a life of heroic virtues has opened.



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