Emperor Maximian Herculeus

Emperor Maximian HerculeusAlso known as

  • Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius


Adopted son of Emperor Diocletian, and named his co-regent in 285, receiving the title of regent on 1 March 286. He resigned the regency at Milan, Italy after the election of his son Maxentius, but the new emperor proved incapable of governing and Maximianus was recalled to restore order as emperor. He failed. He again renounced the throne after the meeting of the Caesars in 307. The intensity of his persecution of Christians seems to have varied, but he conducted a vigorous persecution in the western provinces of which he was governor, and certainly had people murdered for their faith. He gave his youngest daughter Fausta in marriage to Constantine, and having again assumed the imperial crown was surrendered to Constantine by his own soldiers; he was eventually pardoned.



  • committed suicide in July 310

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