In John, 10, Our Lord, explaining the parable of the sheepfold, calls Himself “the door” through which the true shepherds must pass. The meaning is that teachers of religion must have a mission from Him. This is the interpretation given by Saint John Chrysostom, Father Rickaby, Father Lagrange, and other commentators. Others, with Saint Augustine, think that Our Lord refers to the sheep rather than to the shepherds in these verses; He would affirm that to be saved one must come under His influence. Archbishop MacRory holds that He compares himself to a door with reference both to the sheep and to the shepherds; “I am the door of the sheep. All others are thieves and robbers. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved: and he shall go in, and go out, and shall find pastures” (John, 10:7-9).

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