Crown of Our Lord

The Crown of Our Lord consists of 33 beads – 3 decades and 3 additional beads commemorating the 33 years of the earthly life of Our Lord. There are two methods of reciting this crown. The first method is as follows: Having made the sign of the cross say: O God incline unto my aid; O Lord make haste to help me. The mystery is then announced, e.g., Jesus, Who sweat blood for us, etc. Then follow 1 Hail Mary, 10 Our Fathers and 1 Glory Be. These are all to be repeated 3 times. Then add 1 Hail Mary, 3 Our Fathers, and another Hail Mary. The 5 Hail Marys are to commemorate the Five Holy Wounds.

The second method consists of meditating on an event from the life or passion of Our Lord while saying the prescribed Our Father or Hail Mary.

– Camaldolese