Taken in its strict sense, this title belongs to God alone. The Creator is God’s proper name. The name Yahweh by which God revealed Himself to Moses means the Supreme Being, the Creator. The Creator is one who not merely fashions and modifies preexisting materials, but who produces a thing according to its entire substance, independently of any subject matter. Things so produced are called creatures, and are essentially dependent on the Creator. God is sole Creator. He is the Supreme Self-existing Being, the Absolute and Infinite First Cause, to whose omnipotent word or fiat all substances and energies and laws owe their existence and continued existence. “In the beginning God created heaven and earth.” (Genesis 1) Creation does not exclude the possibility of evolution, i.e., given once the existence of creatures, some of them may develop new forms or variations. The Creator might use this method to develop and perfect His universe, whose various substances and forces He brought into being from nothing when time began with creatures, though there is as yet no real evidence of His doing so. When a new substance like the human soul comes into existence, its origin is due to God’s immediate creative act. For not all nature can produce even a new material substance, and much less a new spiritual substance like the soul of each man, nor can any artifice of science produce life in any form, vegetable, animal, much less human. The All-wise, Almighty, All-good Creator by the exercise of His free will commands, and creatures begin to be as and when He decrees, and develop according to His plan and purpose. Thus God the Creator is the Lord, the Upholder, and the Ruler of the universe.

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