Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Also known as

  • Congregation of Scheutveld


Founded 1863, in the Field of Scheut, near Brussels, by Venerable Theophile Verbiest, for mission work in heathen lands; constitutions definitively approved, 1900. Placed under the jurisdiction of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples in 1921; Constitutions revised and approved, 1923. From the seminary in Belgium (Scheutveld College) the first mission was established in Mongolia, 1863. The congregation operates in Northern and Southern Kansu, China, in Mongolia, the Belgian Congo, the Philippines, and among the Indians on the Mississippi. There is a procurator resident at New York and a procurator general at Rome; two of the Fathers devote themselves to parish work among the Belgians of London. The great scientific and intellectual activity of the missionaries, evinced through 539 publications, is considered a necessary supplement to their apostolic labors. In connection with their missions the Fathers maintain a number of benevolent institutions, such as hospitals and schools.

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