Church Unity Octave


An observance which was extended to the Universal Church and enriched with indulgences by Pope Benedict XV on 25 February 1916. It was conceived in 1908 by Reverend Paul J. Francis, a “Pro-Roman” Anglican of tbe Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. The first practical result was the submission and reception of 17 members of the Society of the Atonement into the Catholic Church on 30 October 1909; Father Paul was the founder and Superior of the Society. In December, the Octave received the sanction and blessing of Pope Pius X, and on 22 September 1921 Cardinal Dougherty presented a resolution to the hierarchy that “the Unity Octave be held throughout all the dioceses in the United States.” The Octave is observed from 18-25 January, and a plenary indulgence has been granted on the first or last day under the usual conditions. In 1959 Pope John XXIII approved the universal Catholic Church to observe this Octave.

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