Character Calendar – 3 January – Saint Genevieve, Virgin

detail of an illustration of Saint Genevieve; 1887 by Charles Sprague Pearce; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

When Saint Germanus was passing through the district of Nanterre, near Paris, he took particular notice of a little shepherdess, and predicted her future sanctity. This was but the beginning of unusual events in the life of Saint Genevieve. She became an angel of mercy, was unjustly persecuted, procured corn for Paris during the siege, turned away the threatening Huns, and became adviser to King Clovis.

Because of truth, and meekness, and justice, thy right hand shall conduct thee wonderfully. – Gradual; Psalm 10

Thou alone art good, just, and holy; Thou canst do all things; Thou givest all things; Thou fillest all things leaving only the sinner empty. – Imitation: Book III

Ideal: Perhaps if a little girl tending sheep by the wayside tried to tell you a few things or to give you a bit of sound advice, you would be inclined to wonder at her daring. You see how truly great she became and how much the nation owes her.

Today: Watch yourself. Are there not some people whom you take very much for granted as being your decided inferiors? This is how you can tell. Do you ever think or say, when certain people criticize what you do “Who does he think he is”? You are despising a person like that and thinking very much better of yourself; that is pride. Be careful of it; it is an ugly trait and destroys that resemblance to your Mother you wanted so much.

Slogan: Said the old fellow to his wife:

“And all the world’s a little queer,
But thee and me, dear,
And even thee’s a little queer.”

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