Catholic Encyclopedia – Venerable William Richardson


(alias Anderson) Last martyr under Queen Elizabeth; born according to Challoner at Vales in Yorkshire (i.e. presumably Wales, near Sheffield), but, according to the Valladolid diary, a Lancashire man; executed at Tyburn, 17 February 1603. He arrived at Reims 16 July 1592 and on 21 August following was sent to Valladolid, where he arrived 23 December. Thence, 1 October 1594, he was sent to Seville where he was ordained. According to one account he was arrested at Clement’s Inn on 12 February, but another says he had been kept a close prisoner in Newgate for a week before he was condemned at the Old Bailey on the 15 February, under stat. 27 Eliz., c. 2, for being a priest and coming into the realm. He was betrayed by one of his trusted friends to the Lord Chief Justice, who expedited his trial and execution with unseemly haste, and seems to have acted more as a public prosecutor than as a judge. At his execution he showed great courage and constancy, dying most cheerfully, to the edification of all beholders. One of his last utterances was a prayer for the queen.

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